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NTN R-BRF2012 bearing high technology in Korea

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Features of NTN Engineering Plastics by NTN Corporation Japan

Nov 15, 2006 standard series of ntn engineering plastics sliding bearings dimensions to be measured at 25°c dimension mm d2 9 10 11 12 15 17 19 24 29 34 type brf flanged sleeve bearing part no r-brf0304 r-brf0404 r-brf0505 r-brf0605 r-brf0806 r-brf1008 r-brf1208 r-brf1510 d tolerances d1 tolerances l tolerances 3 4

NTNすべりシリーズ 3

25℃/ mm. び. d . D2. け. . すきま. D1 . L . h7. ハウジング. H7. . R-BRF0304. R-BRF0404. R-BRF0505. R-BRF0605. R-BRF0806. R-BRF1008. R-BRF1208. R-BRF1510. R-BRF2012. R-BRF2515. 3. +0.21. +0.16. 4. +0.22. +0.17. 5. +0.22. +0.17. 6. +0.22.



2 Standard Series of NTN Engineering Plastics Sliding Bearings

Standard Series of NTN Engineering Plastics Sliding Bearings. Dimensions to be measured at 25˚C. Part No. Dimension mm d tolerances. C. Minimum. Mounted. Clearance mm. D tolerances l tolerances. Shaft h6. Housing M7. Recommended Fit mm. R-AR0305. R-AR0406. R-AR0506. R-AR0608. R-AR0708. R-AR0808.


すべりのは,がにえなくなるまで. のすべりのによってまります。 すべりのは,すべり,,,. ,のさ,などに. よってなります。にのは,のによっ. てめます。 R=K・P・V・T. ここに. R : mm. K : mm3/N・m.