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Nissan GTR R35 Ceramic Wheel Bearings - Brake & Wheel

60% lighter, 1/10 the drag of ordinary steel ball bearings! Ceramic wheel bearing conversion with custom no drag seals. The car will feel 1000 pounds lighter! Increase MPG, smoothness, and reduce ET's and increase MPH at the strip! And you'l.

Nissan GT-R: Keep it stock or tune? That is the question - CNET

Jun 14, 2017 The Nissan GT-R is almost perfect, but can tuning it make it better?

Owner Says $18K Engine Build Ruined Nissan GT-R With Twine

Aug 5, 2013 Unfortunately, one New Jersey GT-R owner recently paid $18100 and says he got a ruined engine full of broken, damaged parts held together by Incorrect parts, missing parts, used and damaged parts, pieces held together with zipties and twine, corrosion, and bearing material were just a few of the