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NSK FIR-202428-2 bearing high technology in Netherlands

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Bearings for Non-Magnetic Requirement | Products | NSK Global

Bearings for non-magnetic requirement are classified into non-magnetic (relative permeability 1.01 or less) bearings and completely non-magnetic (relative permeability 1.001 or less) bearings. Both bearings are harder and more resistant to corrosion than conventional stainless steel or beryllium-copper alloys.

Roller Bearings | Products | NSK Global

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Bearings for Corrosive Environments | Products | NSK Global

High corrosion-resistant bearings include stainless steel bearings, Molded-Oil? bearings, and corrosion-resistant coated bearings (Nickel coating) for water environments; ceramic bearings and ESA bearings for weak acid and alkali environments; and ceramic bearings and the Aqua-Bearing™ for strong acid and reactive