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IKO SNA 3-15 bearing high speed

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Homyo-ji Temple (Zohshigaya Kishimojin) | Hello Japan - Japan

Homyo-ji Temple was originally established in 810 as a temple of Shingon Buddhism, Iko-ji Temple. The name of the temple was changed The Goddess Kishimojin is said to bring luck for fertility and child bearing. The gingko trees on the premises Address / Location. 3-15-20, Zoshigaya, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, 171-0032

Dhammanussati - The Dharmafarers

Nālaka and Tuva aka Suttas of the Sutta Nipāta and other sayings of the Tathāgata bearing the name sutta should be known. 109/3:15-20, respectively. 20 Jayawickrama: “Two of the “Analyses.” (V:A 101 n31.9). 21 D 2:92 (Vism 216); A 1:156 (see AA), 227 (AA); Sn 567 (SnA) = M 92 (MA), Sn 1137 (Nc, NdA, SnA); S.